Not only Stone Arts,

but is still part of the Amiga story back in the day

Everything here will not be related to Stone Arts, but also things that went on around the same timespan and people around, members or not. Some of the things may be from other projects, like Atomic, 7th Sign, or other groups or people.

Atomic Mixed Utilities #1

(2021, March, 12 - 07:03pm)

Atomic Mixed Utilities #1 (Created: 06.05.1991.)

A utility disk pack from Atomic that I have no recollection of at all.


                          Mixed Utilities #1.

           AsmOne      --- AsmOne V1.07b
           XCopy3.0    --- XCopy V3.0
           XCopy6.7    --- XCopy Pro. V6.7
           DiskMaster  --- DiskMaster V?.??
           DiskSalv    --- DiskSalv V1.40
           VP          --- Pseudo Ops Virus Protector V2.1
           Nuke        --- Nuke Virus Killer V1.3a
           SineGen     --- SekaSineGenerator V1.2
           IFF1.0      --- Kefrens Iff-Converter V1.0
           IFF2.0      --- Kefrens Iff-Converter V2.0
           Imp3.0      --- TurboImploder V3.0
           Imp4.0      --- TurboImploder V4.0
                       --- PowerPacker Pro. V3.0b
           Dos2Dos     --- Dos2Dos V?.??
           RealTimeMon --- RealTimeMonitor V?.??
           Aud4        --- Audition V4.0
                       --- MultiRipper V2.1
                       --- Dark Play V4.70
                       --- Gif View V4.0
                       --- Sys Info V2.64
           Guru        ---


Atomic Intro Pack #1

(2021, March, 12 - 09:31am)

Atomic Intro Pack #1 (Created: Some time after 23.10.1992.)

This is most likely the collection from where I lifted the circulating version of Roadzanity, although I wouldn't swear on it - it could be the other way around from some other media. This is the only real production I ever released as a 'coder'. There are also other productions from members here as well. I am not sure if Flesh was a member or a swapper or something else, but the rest seems like familiar.

Edit: Seeing as it seems there was a beef with Flesh from Majic12, so he was definitively not a member then.

Edit2: I don't think this one is available in the wild yet either, though some of the demos that are contained within probably is.

			ATOMIC INTRO PACK #1..........



First one out: 7th Sign Util Disk # 1

(2021, March, 12 - 07:04am)

7th Sign Util Disk #1 (Created: Definitively in 1990, some time after 11th of September 1990, probably 24.09.1990.)

I had a vague memory of making a tool/util disk at one point. This is one I thought was lost, so I was amazed to see the DMS file placed in one of my folders. It is indeed my alias back in the day; Trouble. Even friends (and not so good friends) are greeted; even people I don't remember who is behind the alias any more.

Be warned, though... My unarchiver tool complains that the file is corrupted. That can mean nothing, but it can also mean a virus like Saddam Exterminator. Luckily it is OFS, so I will have a go at analysing the file structure and see if there is hope in recreating whatever is wrong with the blocks on the disk. Download at your own risk, at least till I had time sanitising the image.

I have no idea the date for when I made this utility diskette, but it has to be 1988/1989/1990. The files on the disk can possibly give a rough estimate, which I will later do some research on. I would also be surprised if this disk is found in the wild, so today is possibly the first time it has been put forward for the world to see. Yes, I know those are big words for such an insignificant thing... ;)

Edit: I already found a file dated 01.01.1990, so that is definitively the year, and after that date. Then I found another file dated 11/09/1990 which I guess is European date format since street names in Europe was used, so after 11 september some time.

                     *** 7th Sign Util Disk #1 ***
                              *** Menu ***

   Not Shifted                      | Shifted
   F1    3rd Day             V??.?? | F1    Pseudo Ops Virus Killer V2.1
   F2    Boot Leg            V2.1   | F2    Xcopy                   V3.0
   F3    Diskmaster          V1.4   | F3    Seka                    V3.2
   F4    Diskmon Pro.        V1.2   | F4    Flash Ripper            V2.3
   F5    Disk Salv           V1.40  | F5    Gfx Ripper              V1.4
   F6    Iff Converter       V3.04  |
   F7    Intui Tracker       V1.1   |
   F8    Pro.Tracker         V1.0b  |
   F9    Seka Sine Generator V1.2   |
   F10   Sound System        V2.0   |

     Greetings From Trouble of 7th Sign:
               Atomic ---  Trashman of Hellraisers --- Doffen
               Hasse --- Mini --- Agima --- Skippy --- Pink Panter
               Guran of Hi-Fi.....
               And EVERYONE else that I Know!